About Us

Thanks for shopping with Pickled Paddler! We love Pickleball so much, we began making shirts to wear on the court. You might say we’re obsessed and you might be right. How do you spend your recovery time? 

A few years ago, four neighbors from Indianapolis, Indiana, got together and learned the game. Then, two of them learned to love the game. The four of us started a company to design and print shirts we would be happy to wear on the court. Now, the company carries  the same spirit. We create shirts that bring people together and celebrate the inclusive and collegial nature of the sport we love. Our shirts are made to help you look good, feel good, and play to win!


We love Pickleball! For us it is so rewarding to help people who love Pickleball like we do express their love of the game. Lindsay, especially, enjoys creating and making things. So, it is especially fun for her to make things that people like. She sees t-shirts as a fun, analog communication and artistic medium as well as a functional piece of sports gear. Pickled Paddler is an effort to help Pickleball define its own aesthetic. Much like other sports, it has its unique and inclusive vibe. For us Pickleball is fun, inclusive, social, competitive, casual, cheeky, and addictive. Lindsay's mission is to design gear that helps communicate the best aspects of the community!

About our Pickleball products

Pickled Paddler t-shirts are made from an amazing tri-blend fabric that is sort like a well-loved cotton t-shirt, but that also wicks moisture from the skin. It’s perfect for wear on the court and happy hour after. We hear from customers all the time who love the feel of our shirts. And all of our t-shirt designs originate in house!The design of a Pickled Paddler shirt is inspired by our own time on the court. Originally, we couldn’t find Pickleball shirts that we wanted to wear. The business started in fall of 2021 when owner Lindsay was looking for a Pickleball t-shirt online to give to good friend, Ang, as a birthday present. We then realized there weren’t many out there aimed at the newer generation of pickleballers. So, we got together and decided to design our own.

Pickled Paddler shirts often start as ideas that we get from our pickle ball friends. Once the design is completed, Lindsay sends it via computer file to a company who prints it on transfer paper. Most often these are printed with plastisol ink (the same ink used in standard screen printing). We receive the designs printed on transfer paper and when we print a shirt, we use our heat press to adhere the design to the shirt, visor, hat, towel, etc. This process allows us to also create custom designs for our customers!



About our game

If you play Pickleball in Indiana, chances are you already know us! Lindsay plays with an array of groups in Indiana including in Bloomington, Columbus, Franklin, Greenwood, Pendleton, Ft. Wayne, and Zionsville. In Indianapolis, our home court is West Indy Racquet Club, the exclusive brick and mortar location for our products. Lindsay also teach lessons and clinics there. If you can't make it to West Indy, you can find her playing at a court near you: Broadmoor Country Club, Cyntheanne Park, Lifetime Fitness, The Retreat, Carmel Racket Club, Indianapolis Racket Club East, and many more. When we travel, which we love to do, we take our paddles. So far, we’ve played in the Bahamas, New York, Seattle, Michigan, Tennessee, Mexico and Florida. We play everywhere!

At multiple local tournaments throughout the year, we set up vendor booths to showcase our products! We will post about the events we plan to attend on our Instagram page, @pickledpaddler! Give us a follow!